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  • First steps to learn English

    30 septembre 2010

    CAHIER DE TEXTES de Mr : EL GHANBAZ SCHOOL: Allal ben Abdellah junior high ACADEMIC YEAR: 2010/2011 CLASSES : 3/5-6-7-9-10-11-12 SUBJECT: English LEVEL: BEGINNERS Lesson activities: first hour: 1- presenting the English alphabets focous mainly on phonetic...

  • Engish alphabets pronunciation

    01 octobre 2010

    /ei/ A H J K /i:/ B C D E G P T V /e/ F L M N S X /ai/ I Y /ju:/ Q U W /a:/ R / 9 u/ O

  • Grammar

    03 mars 2011

  • flower and butterfly

    03 mars 2011